Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rudimentary Movement in Action

Our assignment was to create a skit about a chapter in our class text. We choose a chapter on rudimentary movement and in this we should a childs progression "scooting" all the way up to "walking". I performed this skit with the group I have been working with through my lab all year and it was interesting. We each had some talent to bring to the skit and also I think became a little more comfortable around each other through this experience. Myself, I am a very outgoing person and don't really mind embarresing myself esecially if it is for a good grade and two ladies Jackie and Jen put a great effort into this with lyrics and just a good attitude which made it run smooth. There is nothing better then learning while having fun and I believe that was the main goal of this activity. Here is the link to this greatt performance along with the rest of my classmates performances.

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