Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rudimentary Movement in Action

Our assignment was to create a skit about a chapter in our class text. We choose a chapter on rudimentary movement and in this we should a childs progression "scooting" all the way up to "walking". I performed this skit with the group I have been working with through my lab all year and it was interesting. We each had some talent to bring to the skit and also I think became a little more comfortable around each other through this experience. Myself, I am a very outgoing person and don't really mind embarresing myself esecially if it is for a good grade and two ladies Jackie and Jen put a great effort into this with lyrics and just a good attitude which made it run smooth. There is nothing better then learning while having fun and I believe that was the main goal of this activity. Here is the link to this greatt performance along with the rest of my classmates performances.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter at St. Mary's

Our Easter themed day turned out to be one of the best days so far at St. Mary's. Every week my classmates and I are improving on our ability to teach and assess the students, and as we improve the process is continuing to become easier and a lot more fun. I worked with the Pre-K students today and we were pressed for time but we got a chance to do a crafting activity with the students that they seemed to enjoy very much. Then we moved into the gym for some games, we actually went over our time we were supposed to stay the games were so successful. Overall each day at St. Mary's I am starting to gain a lot from and I feel it will help a lot in my future.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dinosaur Day at St. Marys

Today was our dinosaur theme day at St. Marys. All the activities went very well and Myself along with my peers seemed to have a lot of fun working with the students. We got to assess some skills with certain students in lab, and overall I think it turned out to be a great day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Childhood Growth and Development

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thinking Critically as a Rockstar!

There are numerous critical issues that US children face today, the three that were identified are childhood obesity, in-school and community violence, and early puberty. Some goals that should help the children past these issues are movement skill acquisition, physical activity and fitness enhancement, cognitive learning, and affective growth. There are numerous factors that explain relationships that lead to the development of the "whole" child, and these are things such as the biology of the individual, the conditions of their learning environment, and requirements of the movement task.
Individual appropriateness is the inclusion of learning experiences into the physical education program geared to learners phases and stages of motor development and the levels and stages of movement skill learning. While age-group appropriateness is the inclusion of learning experiences into the physical education experience based on chronological age or grade-level.
Fundamental movement skills include locomotion and manipulation, examples of locomotion are walking, running, and leaping and examples of manipulation are ball rolling, throwing and kicking.Other types of movements are axial such as bending or stretching, or static/dynamic such as rolling and starting.
Physical fitness is defined as health related fitness and performance related fitness.

New Day New Experience

Our third day of lab we got the oppertunity to completely seperate ourselves from the class and work with the students on your own agenda. we started off the day as a group in the gym and we got to observe and ascess the students on their locomotor skills. A group of my peers was assigned to the gym and they played an assortment of games with the students which we got to observe. There was a little boy and girl we had to specifically ascess and our lab shows the locomotor skills we assessed. After this we seperated into our groups, my group worked with the pre-k students. We started by interacting with the students for a while then moved into a song as a group. Some of the students already knew the song so they caught on pretty quick which made is easier to get them involved. Following we did a craft activity and also a little story time that all had to do with our theme of olympics. Finally we made our way back to the gym for a few more activities and that concluded that day. I feel like the more time I spend with the students the more comfortable I am getting and everything is just getting easier. Cant wait for next lab! I have some great games prepared.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lab Day 2

Today was a lot more hands on then day one in lab. We actual got a chance to lead the students in activities without any direction. The basis of the day was tag games. The session began with lab group and lab assistants leading numerous different tag games such as Eiffel tower tag, valentine tag and leap frog tag. Some of these were new to some of the kids so we had to make sure that we could keep their attention long enough to explain. Most of the games and variations were successful, in every group there is always going to be a few kids who don't participate. This was the only part I got to participate in because I had a different job then my peers. My job was to organize the storage closets to where the items that are used most often were the most accessible and the ones used least often were more on the top shelves and things like that. The point was to make bins and boxes with what was supposed to be in them and a picture on the front along with a label. This is a good way to help the children develop responsibility without having to struggle to figure out to put things or ask for help. This also helps the physical education teachers when it comes to clean up at the end of the day because this kids will be able to put things away in the correct places and not leave a mess for the teacher to clean up. We were very successful in doing this and I think the closets turned out very well.

Monday, February 15, 2010

1st Day of Lab

My name is Marc Corrado I am a physical education major at SUNY Cortland. I am becoming an established student athlete here as I am just over mid-way through my sophomore year. My lab experience takes place at an elementary school in town called St. Mary's School. It consists of pre-K students through grade six. January 27, 2010 was my first experience as a Physical Educator compared to being a high student just a year and a half previous to this date. The day consisted of a tour of the school, showing us the areas we will be interacting with the students. This was followed by sessions with the grade levels of students. I started with the Pre-K and 1st-2nd grade levels. A student got the opportunity to spend some time with happened to be m professor's son.(Professor Yang) Following my time playing with hot wheels cars and coloring with the children, I made my way down to the older student where I got my butt kicked in Pokemon monopoly. The older kids were a lot different then the younger kids, they are more guarded but once they open up a little they can be a lot of fun. When I first sat with the students to play I introduced myself and asked their names soon to find out they used fake names and made a joke out of it. Later they came around after I figured out one of the student's actual name and it was a very enjoyable experience.