Monday, February 15, 2010

1st Day of Lab

My name is Marc Corrado I am a physical education major at SUNY Cortland. I am becoming an established student athlete here as I am just over mid-way through my sophomore year. My lab experience takes place at an elementary school in town called St. Mary's School. It consists of pre-K students through grade six. January 27, 2010 was my first experience as a Physical Educator compared to being a high student just a year and a half previous to this date. The day consisted of a tour of the school, showing us the areas we will be interacting with the students. This was followed by sessions with the grade levels of students. I started with the Pre-K and 1st-2nd grade levels. A student got the opportunity to spend some time with happened to be m professor's son.(Professor Yang) Following my time playing with hot wheels cars and coloring with the children, I made my way down to the older student where I got my butt kicked in Pokemon monopoly. The older kids were a lot different then the younger kids, they are more guarded but once they open up a little they can be a lot of fun. When I first sat with the students to play I introduced myself and asked their names soon to find out they used fake names and made a joke out of it. Later they came around after I figured out one of the student's actual name and it was a very enjoyable experience.

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