Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lab Day 2

Today was a lot more hands on then day one in lab. We actual got a chance to lead the students in activities without any direction. The basis of the day was tag games. The session began with lab group and lab assistants leading numerous different tag games such as Eiffel tower tag, valentine tag and leap frog tag. Some of these were new to some of the kids so we had to make sure that we could keep their attention long enough to explain. Most of the games and variations were successful, in every group there is always going to be a few kids who don't participate. This was the only part I got to participate in because I had a different job then my peers. My job was to organize the storage closets to where the items that are used most often were the most accessible and the ones used least often were more on the top shelves and things like that. The point was to make bins and boxes with what was supposed to be in them and a picture on the front along with a label. This is a good way to help the children develop responsibility without having to struggle to figure out to put things or ask for help. This also helps the physical education teachers when it comes to clean up at the end of the day because this kids will be able to put things away in the correct places and not leave a mess for the teacher to clean up. We were very successful in doing this and I think the closets turned out very well.

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