Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Day New Experience

Our third day of lab we got the oppertunity to completely seperate ourselves from the class and work with the students on your own agenda. we started off the day as a group in the gym and we got to observe and ascess the students on their locomotor skills. A group of my peers was assigned to the gym and they played an assortment of games with the students which we got to observe. There was a little boy and girl we had to specifically ascess and our lab shows the locomotor skills we assessed. After this we seperated into our groups, my group worked with the pre-k students. We started by interacting with the students for a while then moved into a song as a group. Some of the students already knew the song so they caught on pretty quick which made is easier to get them involved. Following we did a craft activity and also a little story time that all had to do with our theme of olympics. Finally we made our way back to the gym for a few more activities and that concluded that day. I feel like the more time I spend with the students the more comfortable I am getting and everything is just getting easier. Cant wait for next lab! I have some great games prepared.

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